The Year 2010: "Year of Siberian Deportees"

From the initiative of "Siberia Deportee Association - Rzeszow" and decision of "Podkarpackie" Regional Assembly, the year 2010 was named the "Year of Siberian Deportees" in the "Podkarpackie Region".
This nomination is related to the 70th anniversary of the first massive deportation of Poles to Siberians labor camps ("lagers").
It is estimated, that during the four massive deportations, which took up to 1941, the Soviet Union authorities had deported to Siberia about 2 million citizens of the Republic of Poland.

Many of the people had died on this inhuman earth, in unnamed graves, forgotten forever.
The ones who had survived could not testify about those tragic events during many years of communistic regime.

Today, in the free and independent Republic of Poland, all Siberia Deportees deserve the homage, respect and remembrance of their tragic fate -- for the current and future generations.

Polish Combatants Association, Circle #49, joins the initiative of the "Podkarpackie" Region and invites all the Siberia Deportees from the northern California to participate in the Holy Mass on April 18th 9:30am in Martinez, 909 Mellus Street.
The intention of the Holy Mass will be for all officers murdered in Katyn, and all deported into the depth of Russia.

During short celebration a documentary film will be be projected.
The Siberia Deportees who own remembrance items or photographs are kindly asked to send them somehow earlier, so they could be properly exposed.

Telephone to "druhna" Krystyna Chciuk: (415) 285-4336

Last modified: April 12, 2010